Providing Geography and Environmental Science Digital and Blended Learning Methodology Resources


The Digilego platform provides geography and environmental sciences methodology resources to facilitate and improve higher education teaching and learning.

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely available learning materials, without barrier to access, use, re-use, modifications, and redistribution.


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Contributing to Digilego is as simple as registering and then posting your OER for review. See the details.

What the Digilego platform is

The Digilego platform:

  • provides high quality easily transferable open educational resources for digital methods training in geography and environmental sciences for higher education institutions
  • creates Open Educational Resources (OER) for digital and blended method training, available via this open and participatory platform
  • allows participatory contributions from higher education teachers and other institutions through a peer review resource platform

Digilego is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership on Digital Readiness co-funded by the European Union and four other academic and research institutions.

The Digilego platform is part of the larger Digilego project that aims to train staff and facilitate the teaching and learning of Geography and Environmental Sciences methods.

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Four institutions are developing Digilego. Learn more about the team.