The moderation processes

Digilego is maintained by the registered users to self-moderate who can provide and evaluate OERs. While restrictive, we simply don't have the capacity to manage open registration and submission of resources.

Moderation occurs at two levels for the platform: who can register, and what OERs are validated for display.

OER moderation

Digilego tries to maintain a set of high quality OERs. This process has a set of principles that users should aim to follow. When an OER is submitted for review, peers will look over your OER and provide comments. In addition a choice will be made to either send the OER back to the creator for revisions, or accept.If accepted, some comments may still be provided to the OER creator for minor modifications.

Registrant moderation

Registrants provide some information regarding their institution and their role their. While email addresses are kept private, already registered digilego members are asked to review registration applications. Once a certain number of people have validated (or perhaps can be considered voting) the registrant, they are sent an email with their invitation to become a member.