Data perspectives video

Data collection is biased based on the method or perspective used for a study.

This three-minute video displays synchronized perspectives of first person, third person, and data 'views' of an experience.

This resource can serve in both qualitative and quantitative data collection courses to highlight that selecting one type of data collection over another will yield alternative impressions and results. This short video is meant to start a discussion over research methods and bias.

The video lasts 3m 32s.

Four perspectives: first person, overhead, oblique, and satellite imagery

The tree-lined path, with overgrown stone walls was previously used to lead cattle down to the water source - which happens to be a Turlough. The path was completely overgrown with vegetation before being restored for leisure and access purposes by the Burren Nature Sanctuary.

The video was recorded at the Burren Nature Sanctuary, near Galway, Ireland, in the summer of 2022.

Mapped location: OSM GM

Created by Sylvain Klein
on 2024-02-20