How to Do Qualitative Coding for Interviews

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The Qualitative Interview Coding Guide is to provide an introduction and guide to develop qualitative and quantitative process of taking unstructured data and systematically categorizing data for analysis to identify themes and patterns. In this guide, we want to explore the recent flood event phenomena in Trier Ehrang that occurred in July 2021 to better understand flood recovery and reconstruction as well as disaster risk management at various scales (community, local government, regional government, state and federal governance systems). This guide also connects to other methods such as ethics of research, conducting interviews, collecting water and soil samples, and mapping.

The guide consists of three items:

  • General introduction into coding and content analysis
  • A sample coding book to use to apply coding and content analysis to an interview collected in the field to produce a final research report
  • General template from qualkit that was used to adapt the coding template assignment

Please note the sample interview provided is in German and a coding sample is provided in both English and German.

Created by Sahar Zavareh Hofmann
on 2024-07-17