Virtual Palaeosciences resource list

This resource consists of an Excel spreadsheet and an interactive website version based on a list developed by the Virtual Palaeosciences project, an informal community of practice which came together in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The list contains over 600 digital resources which are freely available from a range of internet sources, with keywords and a brief description to assist searchers, and with short reviews of the resource from a final year undergraduate project assistant.

The resource spreadsheet was designed to help anyone teaching about the palaeosciences (palaeoecology, environmental change, geomorphology, environmental archaeology etc.) to more easily find a range of resources which could enhance student learning, from images to use in presentations to videos and some complete virtual field trips.

The spreadsheet produced by the Virtual Palaeosciences project has been given a website interface by Digilego which uses drop down menus to filter the materials and display links, making it easier to use.

The resources can be filtered by different attributes:

  • Timeframe (e.g. Quaternary)
  • Sector (e.g., Proxy, Field, Microscope)
  • Activity (e.g., Analysis, Interpretation)
  • Environment (e.g. Bog)
  • Resource type (e.g., Article, Movie)
  • Action (e.g., Read, Watch)

This version of the spreadsheet was last checked January 2022 - links may decay over time.

Created by M Jane Bunting
on 2024-04-21