Fieldtrip mapping tool

ExifMapper georeferences photographs using the location information contained in the (exif) metadata, which smart phone pictures contain, when enabled, on a Leaflet map.

Aside from this geolocating of photos, this tool has two main applications:

  • The creation of a shared spatial resource platform (a webmap) where members can curate a variety of multimedia types collaboratively
  • A means to create a virtual fieldtrip.

webmap with markers and video overlay
An example from a fieldtrip to Berlin's former Tempelhof Airport.

Note that using this tool does require some basic computational knowledge (e.g., executing python, php website and packages).

ExifMapper also allows:

  • manual georeferencing of resources (and location correction)
  • multiple resource type embedded visualizations
    • photographs
    • 360 photospheres
    • video
    • audio
    • YouTube videos
    • URL links
  • adding comments to resources
  • exporting of a static webmap
  • parallel editing of resources (using WebSockets)

Designed use case

You are going on a field trip or excursion of some sort and you have told your students/participants beforehand to enable location saving in their device (e.g., smart-phone, tablet) photo app.

When in the field have students take pictures, create PhotoSpheres, take videos, and record sound.

Gather everyone's resources together (some may wish to upload their videos to YouTube instead and link to the resource) and place them in the designated folder. Follow the directions provided and ExifMapper will provide a webmap with all resources spatially visible by type. You can manually add links to other resources, such as YouTube videos, or other sites.

Beyond simple markers, it is also possible to associate media resources with GeoJSON features.

Installation and configuration

The resource website provides details on installation, configuration and other details.

Generally, a local or web server is required to host the tool.

Created by Cyrille Médard de Chardon
on 2024-04-21