Introduction to video editing basics with Blender

This pdf provides a simple guide to getting started with Blender for video editing. This is based on Christopher Lum's video on the same topic (link above)

These are extremely basic instructions. You can do much more with Blender. If you want a nice “how to” for this, I recommend Christopher Lum’s Getting Started with Blender for Video Editing

Blender is free software and can be downloaded here:

If you have recorded video on one device and sound on another, you can bring the two together into one recording using this software. You can edit and add or remove bits of sound or video too. I recommend a lapel mic for recording audio, particularly if you are recording outside. Record your video on one device and high-quality audio on another. I used two phones. Record your videos in landscape – Blender does not support portrait videos and it cannot change the orientation of a portrait video to be landscape.

Created by Karen Bacon
on 2024-07-12