Creating Google Earth Studio animations - Instructions and links to worthwhile resources

Google Earth Studio allows you to create visualizations of movement between views of the Earth. These can be helpful to locate a case study or provide another perspective. Here's an example:

To create Google Earth animations you must have an account. Unlike other Google services you cannot just register and gain direct access. You must request access and wait a couple of days to be accepted. Follow the directions to Try Google Earth Studio.

screen capture of the Google Earth Studio website showing the 'Try Earth Studio' button

You can do much more than just fly down to a location. Google Earth Studio allows you advanced tools to accurately control how the camera 'flies' through the space.

We recommend viewing the following tutorial videos made by developer.
They are short and effective:

Please see above or at the resource's page regarding the license.
Created by Cyrille M├ędard de Chardon
on 2024-06-11