Advanced Python Mastery

This course is created by David Beazley, an author of multiple Python books and experienced "computer scientist, educator, and researcher".

Target audience

This course is for Python programmers who want to move beyond short scripts to writing more sophisticated programs. Topics focus on programming techniques that get used in popular libraries and frameworks. The primary goal is to better understand the Python language itself so that you can understand other people's code and so that you can apply your newfound knowledge to your own projects.


You already know some Python. This is not a course for beginners. For more introductory material, you might consider the Practical Python Programming course.

The course can be taught over four to five days (or a semester).

Course outline

  1. Course Setup
  2. Python Review
  3. Idiomatic Data Handling
  4. Classes and Objects
  5. Inside Python Objects
  6. Functions, errors, and testing
  7. Working with Code
  8. Metaprogramming
  9. Iterators, Generators, and Coroutines
  10. Modules and Packages
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Created by Cyrille M├ędard de Chardon
on 2024-06-13