Airborne LiDAR Data Manipulation and Visualization Workshop for Forestry Applications

Created by Tristan R.H. Goodbody, Jean-Romain Roussel

This introduction to processing LiDAR uses the R library lidR.

The resource would best be used following a theoretical explanation of what LiDAR is and how the data is generated. The resource's exploration of the data will be enriched by this knowledge.

The workshop can lasts about 3 hours. Exercises are may need to be completed with additional time.

The workshop intends to:

  • Present an overview of what can be done with [the R-package] lidR
  • Give users an understanding of how lidR may fit their needs

Topics covered:

  1. Data reading, plotting, querying, and validation.
  2. Spatial sub-selection
  3. Aggregation metrics
  4. Signal filtering (tree canopy) and spatial interpolation
  5. Signal filtering (ground) and terrain models
  6. Individual tree detection and segmentation
  7. Using the data catalogue (LAScatalog)
  8. Parallel processing larger data sets

lidar data of a forest

Please see above or at the resource's page regarding the license.
Created by Cyrille M├ędard de Chardon
on 2024-05-26