Introduction to Data Science

A course by Florian Huber

The course targets people without a computer science or scientific background. It provides:

a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to data science for those who are just starting their journey or considering a career in this fascinating domain.

The book has the following main sections:

  • Introduction
  • Data Science Basics
  • Data acquisition and first exploration
  • In-depth Data Exploration
  • Data Modeling
  • Working with text data
  • Networks

What sets this book apart from other resources is its focus on accessibility and practicality. We’ve designed it to be understandable to new undergraduate students, with only basic Python programming and math skills as requirements. You don’t need to be an expert in computer science or have a strong background in statistics to grasp the concepts and techniques covered in this book.


Throughout the chapters, you’ll find a wealth of hands-on examples and exercises that will help you develop a deep understanding of data science concepts and techniques. By working through these practical examples, you’ll be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge to real-world situations, making you better equipped to tackle data-driven challenges in your chosen field.

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Created by Cyrille Médard de Chardon
on 2024-05-25