Decolonizing Learning Workshop Resources

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The Decolonizing Learning Workshop Resources bundle is designed to help facilitate a workshop on teaching and learning in higher education. This workshop package will provide you a kit to organize the workshop materials to address how to critically think about power dynamics and assumptions in knowledge creation and learning. It will focus on how we can decolonialize our (digital) classroom. The workshop is part of the digilego project which seeks to enhance teaching capacity of HE teachers in geography and environmental sciences through training in digital and blended methods delivery and the co-creation of high quality open educational resources. The workshop is directed at higher education teaching staff and those with teaching aspirations. The workshop has been structured to feature insights from guest speakers in order to provide opportunity for discussions and exchange with colleagues across disciplines and partner institutions.

The workshop is organized in two parts:

  • Part I provides you with an introduction to (de)colonial learning and teaching to implement it as part of your teaching.
    1. Workshop Flyer
    2. Workshop Script including pre and post-event surveys
    3. Workshop Part 1 PowerPoint
    4. Workshop Part 1 Handout and Resources
  • Part II provides opportunity for reflection and further discussions bringing together experiences from workshop participants.
    1. Workshop Part 2 PowerPoint
    2. Workshop Part 2 Script and Post-event Survey
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Created by Sahar Zavareh Hofmann
on 2024-06-12